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Short Film:          " Eden "                     2018

This short film covers themes of identity, marginalization in the context of the pressures felt in a globalized world by many small communities. The film questions what has been lost with the modernization of indigenous cultures and minority groups in our ever-connected communities. What values do we wish to preserve and what we allow to be lost. Is it okay to be different or are we striving to be a homogenous culture in the coming years?


The film uses strong imagery from John's Traveller community and the Berber Tribe of North Africa. It also has an amazing score and poetry that creates a reflective short documentary, about nostalgia for a dying world.

The central metaphor in the film is of "the eternal campfire" an ancient place where culture and heritage, have been passed down among the different generations for millennia. What happens if the flames of these fires are extinguished in our constant drive for progress?

Award winner at:

  • Chicago Irish Film Festival - USA

Finalist at:

  • Richard Harris International Film Festival - Ireland

  • 30th Galway Film Fleadh - Ireland

Short Film:          " Phome 123 "                        2018

A short film about homelessness in Ireland. This is currently a national crisis, with many people becoming homeless for the first time in their lives. These people from all walks of life, never imagined the prospects of living on the street. Most affected thought that this would never happen to them.

This film is a compilation of three short poems, based on the accounts of three homeless people living on the streets of Dublin. Describing what homeless means to them and how it's changed their lives!

Official selection at:

  • Lift Off Sessions London - UK

  • Inshort Film Festival - Nigeria

  • Human Rights Short Film Festival - India

Finalist at:

  • 8th CPIFF- Turkey

  • 9th Underground Cinema Film Festival -Dublin

  • Irish Film Festival - Malta

Short Film:          Silent Plight"                     2018

A simple little film, highlighting the alarming rate of homelessness in Ireland. The largest in Europe

Official selection at:

  • Chicago Irish Film Festival - USA

Short Film:          " Kilbarrack's Ode to Banksy"                                                                        2016

This video is a co-production with KCCP and is a tribute to the renowned street artist "Banksy" and a request for his help to take down a fence that has isolated the children in Kilbarrack from using the last safe outdoor space to play in. Kilbarrack is an underprivileged area of Dublin, which doesn't even have one playground. The only safe play area was in an unused car park at the back of a community center in KCCP, which has now been fenced off to keep the children away.

This short film addresses several existential themes about the nature of exclusion, the growing trend of dividing communities, the isolation and vilification of the poor or underprivileged.

A fundamental question arises in the film and is used as a metaphor to explore why we seek to build barriers as opposed to reaching out to the less fortunate in society? Essentially, pondering what has gone wrong with our sense of community and our willingness to care for one another in society today? 

Official selection at:

  • Freeworldnet film festival  - Serbia

  • Equality Film Festival - Ukraine

  • Al-Nahj International Film Festival- Iraq

  • Grand IndieWise Convention- USA

  • Auroville Film Festival -India

Semi-Finalist at:

  • ReFrame's REELkids Film Festival - Canada