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Recruiting People for a New Documentary about Housing & Homelessness in Ireland

Updated: Feb 11, 2018

If you are interested in taking part, please contact us...

We are looking for a variety of people from various backgrounds that want to discuss their experiences of obtaining a place of their own. This can be about the difficulties gaining accommodation, your own personal story about trying to put, keep or maintain a "roof over your head!"

We are especially interested in those of you that are:

1. Anybody struggling to find or keep a home, we're interested in hearing your story..

2. People that are struggling with Mortgage arrears.

3. People struggling with Rent, trying to get on the property ladder.

4. Those suffering homelessness, or in sheltered, temporary or transitional housing.

5. Members from ethic minorities such as members of the travelling community, or those living in asylum reception centers.

6. Or anybody that feels they have an interesting story to tell about housing in Ireland. We want to help you get your point of view across about your particular situation.

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